Guitar Lessons in Colorado Springs

Top 10 Reasons to Take Lessons with Us

8 Week Beginning Guitar Course

The Guitar Academy offers an 8 week guitar course perfect for the beginning student.  By the end of your 8th lesson, you will know quite a lot, including some of your favorite songs from your favorite bands.
We are the perfect place to take guitar lessons in Colorado Springs.  We teach all ages, all styles and all levels of acoustic and electric guitar; rock, country, worship, metal, blues, and pop.  We Can Help You! 
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The Guitar Academy

Experience Matters!

How Much Are Lessons?

Our guitar instructor has taught all kinds of people how to play guitar from  6 year olds to 76 year olds!  Jim has taught over 40,000 one on one lessons and he can teach you how to play guitar!  
Our monthly tuition rates are extremely affordable!  If you are a beginner, we have a six month course that will teach you everything you need to know to become a guitar player!   Gift Certificates are also available.
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Gift Certificates!

"We Highly Recommend!

We Love the Guitar Academy
​"Our 10 year old son has taken guitar lessons for two and a half years. The first year he took lessons with an instructor while we were living in California. The last 14 months, he has taken private lessons from Mr. Greer. The difference between the two teaching styles is amazing. Our son has blossomed under the instruction of Mr. Greer. Mr. Greer has a wonderful teaching style and is able to easily connect to his students. He inspires them through his knowledge, through his positive attitude and through the music. Our son really enjoyed having his lessons tailored specifically to him with songs he chose from his own song list. Mr. Greer's passion is infectious and his knowledge is paramount. We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in guitar lessons."    Ty and Lori

Give the Gift of Guitar Instruction!

This year, instead of giving the same old things, why not give someone you care about an experience they'll remember forever?  Give the gift of guitar lessons at The Guitar Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Gift certificates for guitar lessons are available year round.

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