Meet Your Teacher: Jim Greer
40,000+  Guitar Lessons Taught!
Welcome to this page and thanks for checking me out!

I started playing the summer I turned 14. My first guitar was a total piece of junk! My sisters bass playing punk rock boyfriend lent it to me. I'm so grateful he did! That first guitar bought me membership into one of the coolest clubs on earth. That would be the Guitar Players Club!

Like a lot of my students, I tried to figure it out. I managed to learn some chords and did my best to teach myself.  It wasn't until I started taking private lessons that it began to click. Once those started, I made quick progress and got hooked! I started a band with a couple buddies in school. You've never heard of that band because we were very forgettable! But we had fun!

Fast forward to today and now I'm the guitar teacher. I've taught over 40,000 guitar and bass lessons to people of all ages.  Think about that:  40,000+ private one on one lessons! I teach all levels of electric and acoustic guitar, from the beginning to advance student and I can help YOU! 

"I can teach the same lesson 8 different ways, so that any learning style can understand.  I've spent my entire adult life teaching others, and I love it!"   Jim

There's and old saying  "Those who can, do.  Those who can't, teach". That doesn't apply to me, because I do both!  For 18 years I've performed with  Narrow Gauge.   We perform throughout Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and beyond. I've had so much fun performing:

  • for the President of the United States
  • at Invesco Field
  • at the Pepsi Center and hundreds of other cool shows.
  • shared the stage with Dwight Yoakam and Kenny Loggins.

"Most instructors enjoy working with more advanced students.  Who wouldn't?  But I also love working with beginners.  By teaching 40,000+ lessons, I've learned how to teach to every learning style, in a way that makes sense to the student.    I love to be there the moment it "clicks" with them!"  Jim

I'm not gonna sugarcoat this: anybody can learn how to play guitar. Anyone! I've seen three people born without arms play guitar, professionally! If somebody without arms can play guitar with their feet, you can learn to play guitar. You only need three things:

  • A guitar
  • A commitment to practice
  • A good instructor

That's it! The first two are on you: you need the guitar and the willingness to play the thing. I can help you with the last one.  Like what you see hear and want to get started? The next step is to call me today at 719-231-7195.

Jim Greer, Guitar Teacher Colorado Springs

Watch Jim Play "Sweet Child of Mine" with his guitar BEHIND his back: